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  • Sondra Scott

Spring Break the Safari Way

Sure, a new year just started but spring break is already around the corner. This means lots of families are on the hunt for exciting and fun outings to pass the time. Even if a long trip isn’t in the picture, a day trip might be. A day trip lets you skip costly and stressful trips to the airport and enjoy the fun that’s just a car ride away, including a safari!

Franklin Drive Thru Safari is the ultimate all-ages spring break destination! Here are a few ways you can have fun on spring break without breaking the bank!

Spring Break at Franklin Drive Thru Safari

Cabin rentals: If you are driving in from a surrounding town, you might not want to immediately hit the road at the end of the day. Our rental cabins give you a comfy way to recharge and can accommodate the entire gang. You can also enjoy the firepit, grills and picnic tables if you want to extend your stay and make an event out of it. Cabin space is limited, so you’ll need to hurry to save your spot. VIP private tour: You’re already a VIP, but did you know you can get the VIP treatment, too? With our private tours you and your family get the VIP treatment. One of our experienced animal caretakers will drive you around in one of our vehicles to tour the animal park. These are the same vehicles the animals see when it is food time, so they will be just as interested in you as you are with them. Learn all about it on our private tour page, and if you have a group that’s over 20 check out our group rates page.

Hand feed animals: Watching animals from around the world is an amazing experience, but what about feeding them? When you visit you can actually feed lots of animals around the park, including zebras, camels, giraffes, monkeys, and lemurs. Giraffes have a very special diet, and you can feed them from a special feeding platform. All our animal friends have a special diet but don’t worry, special feed is available for a small price on location.

It’s also easy to plan your trip, just visit this page and you can check out the hours, pricing and additional important information. And if you can’t wait to get a glimpse of our awesome animals, you can check out our gallery and get your fill of cute until you come visit!

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