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Hand Feed Animals From Around the World

Want to feed a zebra, camel, or any of our amazing exotic animals right out of your car?  Want to hand feed giraffes or monkeys as you walk around? We sell Feed buckets, monkey cups, and Giraffe greens for the best drive through safari experience. Animals prefer to graze all day and with 500+ exotic animals, there are plenty of hungry mouths to go around. 

Every morning and evening our animals get fed a variety of foods based on their individual diet and nutrient needs, but who doesn't love a tasty snack full of vitamins and minerals? Some animals will even snack on feed pellets all day long. The bigger the animal, the more food it can and will take in. There is no watching your figure in the animal kingdom. This is how we can allow our guests to purchase snacks and feed the animals themselves. 


Monkeys and lemurs are picky eaters. They will not eat what is in the feed buckets. You can purchase a monkey cup or two in the gift shop and feed our monkeys and lemurs through their cages. Please do not reach your hand into their cage! Monkeys can bite. 

Purchase Giraffe greens in the gift shop, head up to the feeding platform, and our giraffes will be there waiting for their snack and your next best photo op. 


Remember: Giraffes have a VERY special diet! NO OTHER FEED ALLOWED! 

Feed Bucket: $5 each 
Giraffe Greens: $5 per Bucket
Monkey Cups: $2 each
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