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Four reasons to visit Franklin Drive Thru Safari this fall

It is official, school is back in session and that means life is returning to normal for most families. This does not mean the fun is over, it just takes a bit more work to fit something into everyone’s schedule. And while it can be tough to find family-friendly outings that work for all ages, it is not impossible. In fact, our drive thru animal safari is the ideal fall family get-away! It does not require a lot of work to plan and kids of all ages love getting to know our amazing animal friends.

Not sure an animal-filled day is for you? Here are a few reasons you should consider making your next trip a Franklin safari.

Visiting an animal park is a unique experience

About everyone has been around pets like dogs, cats, birds and even snakes. If you go to a zoo, you can see more exotic animals, but you do not really get to experience them. At our drive thru animal park, you have a unique opportunity to interact with many of the animals you meet. This gives you and your family a personal and interactive experience. You can hand feed many animals, like giraffes, monkeys, and camels. Where else can you get up close and personal with so many animals from around the world.

Animal parks are appropriate for all ages

Animal lovers of all ages enjoy the experience of seeing animals in their natural setting. You have the additional opportunity to feed and interact with them, creating memories for a lifetime. Those that want to walk around can do so, but you can also just drive thru if you are not up for a walk or have physical limitations. This allows families with members of all ages to experience the fun in a way that fits them.

Animal parks are educational Even people that know a lot about animals will leave the park knowing more than when they arrived. When you visit our animal park you not only see amazing animals, but you also get to learn about them as well. This makes it a passive learning experience that everyone will benefit from, even if the kids do not realize they are learning! It also is a memorable experience which means the things you learn; you are likely to remember!

Finally, our drive thru animal park lets you experience a safari from the comfort of your car. When the air gets chilly and the weather a bit less friendly, you can still enjoy a family outing. And of course, it is easy and affordable to plan a trip. You can find details about the park and plot out your day with just a couple clicks!

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